SCOOTER KAYAK TAG – Scooters become KAYAKS eliminating PINCHED fingers!


We’ve all learned to accept that when the scooter boards are pulled out of the PE closet for action, they need to be accompanied by a bucket of ice and sandwich bags. Pinched fingers are an inevitable part of scooter games.


I finally discovered a remedy. Instead of holding the handles of the scooter, each student holds a noodle with each hand, eliminating the chance of the scooter tipping onto their fingers.

*Side note: Scooters are designed for students to hold the board inside the loops on the sides. Although the loops look like handles, they are NOT. They are there as a protective barrier for your fingers when the scooter tips or when another scooter bumps into you. Despite this, it’s hard to stop my students from holding the loops.


With Scooter Kayak Tag, the noodle represents a kayak paddle. I pick one of the colors to be it (blue in the video). All students pretend to paddle their kayaks as they flee the blue paddles. If tagged kayakers go to the exercise zone to complete an exercise using the noodle and the scooter. In this case, the exercise is a knee tuck as seen in the video. Once five repetitions of the exercise are completed, the student re-enters the water and continues the game. I’ve also allowed students to perform other exercises such as sprinting their kayak throughout the exercise zone or an exercise shown in the following link: SCOOTER FITNESS


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