JUMP FOR JOY – It’s Spring! – 30-day jump rope challenge

I strongly believe that everybody should learn to jump rope. There are countless health benefits and it enhances balance and coordination. Jump rope is an activity for everyone. For beginners, the processing involved in timing the jump and figuring out how to turn the rope is priceless, For more advance jumpers, there are numerous available tricks and challenges to keep the activity fresh. Finally, all you need is a rope, and you don’t necessarily have to purchase one. There are creative ways to create your own rope whether it’s a piece of old clothesline, a bathrobe belt, or a bunch of old shirts braided together. You can also present the following S.T.E.A.M challenge to encourage kids to make their own jump rope using materials around the house.

Click CREATE YOUR OWN JUMP ROPE for a copy of the S.T.E.A.M challenge.


Click the pictures for access to the challenge!

April’s Jump for Joy – It’s Spring!

Click April’s Jump for Joy – It’s Spring! for access to the challenge!

What are the JUMP for JOY – It’s SPRING! goals?

This challenge has multiple goals. The first is to improve cardiovascular endurance. Secondly, jumping rope improves dynamic balance and coordination, reflexes, bone density, and muscular endurance.

Choose a level that’s comfortable yet challenging for you:               

Level 1 – Perform the number of jumps listed each day followed by the 1-minute speed rope challenge.

Level 2 –  Double the number of jumps listed each day followed by the 1-minute speed rope challenge.

Level 3 – Triple the number of jumps listed each day followed by the 1-minute speed rope challenge.

The 1-minute Speed Rope Challenge

Count how many times you can successfully jump your rope in one minute. Jumps do not need to be consecutive. Calculate your daily total on the calendar.

What if I don’t have a jump rope?

No problem at all! Simply perform the challenge by jumping with an invisible rope. Pretend to turn the rope as you jump.

What if I can’t jump rope?

Each of us is at a different level when it comes to jumping rope. Try to perform the minimum number of jumps each day with the rope. For the 1-minute challenge, stretch the rope out on the ground. Count how many times you can jump back and forth over the rope in one minute.

Complete the Jump for Joy – It’s Spring! fitness challenge for 30 days. Track your improvement.

Don’t forget the April’s Jump for Joy – It’s Spring! participation certificate! I fill one out for each student who returns a challenge at the end of the month!

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