Month: October 2017

10 Halloween Games for PE

Each year, around October 15th, my students in 1st-5th grades begin asking for Halloween games in PE. ¬†They love the excitement of dimming the lights, listening to spooky music while playing a variety of games with a Halloween twist. They also appreciate a good… Continue Reading “10 Halloween Games for PE”

November’s PLANKS-GIVING Fitness Challenge

Are YOU ready for the (click for calendar)Planks-Giving Challenge?¬†This menu is chock full of delicious exercises ready to be consumed by your students, families, and even your faculty and staff! Anyone interested would simply need to print out the Planks-Giving calendar to use as… Continue Reading “November’s PLANKS-GIVING Fitness Challenge”

10 Soccer Activities for PE

I hope you can use a few of my favorite soccer activities for elementary level physical education. Be sure to share some of YOUR favorites with the PE community! Soccer Ball Tabata Throughout the soccer unit, we like to incorporate some of the skills… Continue Reading “10 Soccer Activities for PE”

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