Will You Be My “PAL”-entine? – A Valentine’s Day Tag Game

Are you searching for the perfect game for Valentine’s Day? I have the ultimate tag game which is sure to put smiles on everyone’s face. Will you be my “Pal”-entine?


  • 3-5 deck rings or any other ring-shaped piece of equipment
  • 2-5 red or pink pool noodles (depending on group size and space)

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It’s Valentine’s Day and Cupid plans on having some fun. He/she wants to turn everyone into a chocolate heart by tagging students with his arrow. When a student is tagged by Cupid, the student is transformed into a chocolate heart. This is demonstrated by standing with both feet stuck in the mud and the fingertips of both hands touching the top of the head. Have no fear! The spell can easily be broken with the help of a friend or pal who is holding one of the magical rings. Any student with a magical ring is immune to Cupid’s spell. To break the spell, the ring bearer must drop to one knee in front of the chocolate heart and ask one simple, yet meaningful question; “Will you be my “Pal”-entine?” During this proposal, the ring bearer places the ring on the wrist of the chocolate heart. The chocolate heart responds by saying, “yes, I will be your “Pal”-entine?” Now the former chocolate heart is a ring bearer and the previous ring bearer must flee from Cupid.

I preface the game with a conversation about the meaning of the word pal. “We are all friends and friends help each other. Are you ready to be a great pal to everyone?”

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