Keeping Kids in Motion by Keeping Fitness Fun – 2018 NYS AHPERD Conference

Keeping Kids in Motion by Keeping Fitness Fun!

Presenter: Justin Cahill (Keeping Kids in Motion) 

Location: Mohawk

Description: This session will be chock-full of fun, dynamic, and challenging ways to keep kids moving throughout their physical education class. Play equals exercise, therefore exercise equals fun! Can we provide other opportunities for students to move throughout the day? Together, let’s discover the possibilities.

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Fitness Table – Personal Trainer Challenge

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Tabata Table

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 5-minute challenge template

Slide Deck from my presentation with active links.

Instant Activities – 2018 NYS APHERD Conference Presentation

Instant Activities

Presenter: Justin Cahill (Keeping Kids in Motion)

Location: Mohawk

This session will explore a wide range of ways to get students moving as soon as they enter the gym. From fitness routines to game creation, from cooperative activities to jump rope, there a countless ways to motivate and energize students from the first seconds of class.

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Partner Points Challenge Activity Cards

Slide Deck with active links.

November’s GIVING THANKS and DOING PLANKS Fitness Challenge

Are you ready to Flourish with Fitness throughout the month of November? If so, then it’s time for GIVING THANKS and DOING PLANKS! 

Why plank exercises?

Plank exercises strengthen the core. Core muscles help to support the body and allow us to use our arms and legs strongly and effectively. Strong core muscles form the foundation for good posture, coordination, and balance. All gross and fine motor skills rely on a stable core.

Remember to practice and encourage proper form with your students. Now let’s take a look at the challenge.

Part 1 of the challenge:

Choose 1 Timed Plank Exercise and 3 Counted Plank Exercises each day from the list of 10 plank variations below!

TIMED PLANK EXERCISES Hold for at least 20 seconds. Increase time each day for your personal best.

  • High Plank (on hands)
  • Low Plank (on elbows)


  • Plank with Shoulder Touch – 10 repetitions each shoulder
  • Up Down Plank –10 repetitions
  • Alternating Arm Raise – 5 repetitions each arm
  • Plank Jacks – 10 repetitions
  • Knee to Outside Elbow Plank – 5 repetitions each leg
  • Alternating Toe Tap Plank – 10 repetitions each side
  • Plank Leg Raise – 10 repetitions each leg
  • Knee Tap Plank (Low plank) – 10 repetitions each knee

Thank you Jedd Austin (@jeddaustin) for your incredible videography/editing talent.

Part 2 of the challenge:

Think of something or someone you’re thankful for, and write it on the calendar each day. If you’re thankful for a person, go above and beyond by telling the person or writing them a note.

Using the linked fitness calendar, write your initials for each day you complete the routine. At the end of the month, add up the total number of days completed, have your parents sign the bottom of the sheet, and return it to your PE teacher. Students completing at least 10 days will receive an award certificate and toe token.

For a copy of the November Flourish with Fitness Challenge  click 30 DAYS of THANKS and PLANKS.

“Strong Core Muscles Create Confident Kids!” Clamber Club, 25 Feb. 2017,

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