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“Jumping Through March” Fitness Challenge

  The Jumping Through March fitness challenge is all about jumping and building core strength. This daily exercise routine consists of two parts. Click March Fitness Challenge for an editable copy of “Jumping through March!”  Part One – JUMPING Choose either to complete jumping jacks… Continue Reading ““Jumping Through March” Fitness Challenge”

Simple Coffee Can Games for PE

I began my teaching career in the Washington, DC public school system back in 1995.  I worked at a small elementary school with an even smaller budget for supplies and equipment. Each year I was allotted $200.00 to purchase and replace equipment including recess… Continue Reading “Simple Coffee Can Games for PE”

10 Turbo-Charged Basketball Activities

Basketball Tabata This Tabata-style workout will increase heart rates while strengthening core muscles.  Students will exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 10.  My students will complete multiple rounds depending on age and ability. Recommended age: 3rd-12th Grades Basketball Tabata in Action Dynamic Dribbling Lines Dribbling lines… Continue Reading “10 Turbo-Charged Basketball Activities”

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