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The COLOR DASH – Fitness Board Game

I was recently inspired by my kids. During their week off from school for winter break, much of their time was spent at home, inside due to rainy weather. With this, out came the board games. Monopoly, Life, Clue, and Qwirkle were just a… Continue Reading “The COLOR DASH – Fitness Board Game”


The Rope Jump Plankapalooza challenge is all about jumping and building core strength. This daily exercise routine consists of two parts. This challenge can be completed as a monthly challenge or any time! Click on the pictures or here for a copy of THE… Continue Reading “JUMP ROPE PLANKAPALOOZA – 30 DAY CHALLENGE”

The BUILD A BETTER PUSH-UP – 30-Day Challenge PERFECT for Everyone!

Whether you’re a child or an adult, a fundamentally sound push-up can be difficult. After all, many of us simply haven’t developed the necessary muscle strength to successfully push our body weight from a down position up into a high plank. We need to… Continue Reading “The BUILD A BETTER PUSH-UP – 30-Day Challenge PERFECT for Everyone!”

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