Category: Monthly Fitness Challenges

Roll in the New Year – 2020 Fitness Challenge

This January, it’s time to get back to some basic movements using a pair of dice. The Roll in the New Year 2020 fitness challenge consists of exercises ranging from strengthening the upper and lower body to increasing aerobic endurance. Each day, roll two dice… Continue Reading “Roll in the New Year – 2020 Fitness Challenge”

October’s “Fitness is Spooktacular” Fitness Challenge

It’s once again time to Flourish with Fitness by taking October’s Fitness is Spooktacular fitness challenge.  Fitness is Spooktacular consists of three separate workouts. Each workout is represented by one of three spooky Halloween images; a jack-o’-lantern, a skeleton, and a vampire bat. On the calendar, each… Continue Reading “October’s “Fitness is Spooktacular” Fitness Challenge”


For the month of April, our students will discuss and participate in isometric fitness. See below for an editable copy of April’s Macaroni Isometric Fitness Challenge. What are isometrics? Isometrics are also known as static exercises. It’s a type of training where the body performs little… Continue Reading “APRIL’S MACARONI ISOMETRICS FITNESS CHALLENGE”

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