Category: Monthly Fitness Challenges

The COLOR DASH Fitness Board Game

For the March Fitness Challenge, I was inspired by my kids. During their week off from school for winter break, much of their time was spent at home, inside due to rainy weather. With this, out came the board games. Monopoly, Life, Clue, and… Continue Reading “The COLOR DASH Fitness Board Game”

February’s HOP, SKIP, and a JUMP into LEAP YEAR!

The year 2020 is a LEAP YEAR! Let’s celebrate by hopping, skipping, and jumping our way through the month. You’ll need to tune-up your fine motor skills in order to cut out 15 different exercises geared to enhance muscle strength and endurance. The majority… Continue Reading “February’s HOP, SKIP, and a JUMP into LEAP YEAR!”

30 Day Challenges – Step outside your comfort zone!

Below, is a 3-minute TED Talk by Matt Cutts called, Try Something New for 30 Days.  Upon watching this video for the first time, my mind erupted with ideas on personal challenges I could set for myself. Should I cut out certain foods? Challenge… Continue Reading “30 Day Challenges – Step outside your comfort zone!”

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