Category: Monthly Fitness Challenges

Star Wars – 30 Day Fitness Challenge

I had a few people ask for an updated Star Wars Fitness challenge. So, back by popular demand, here is the “2020┬áMAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU” fitness challenge! Along with an improved look and a couple of different exercises, the biggest change is… Continue Reading “Star Wars – 30 Day Fitness Challenge”

30-Day Fitness Challenge – BUILD A BETTER PUSH-UP

Strength training for adults and kids is paramount to any workout program. Whether your goals are to improve your posture, balance, core strength, or simply strengthen your upper body, the one exercise that will help is the push-up Traditionally, each one of my classes… Continue Reading “30-Day Fitness Challenge – BUILD A BETTER PUSH-UP”

The COLOR DASH Fitness Board Game

For the March Fitness Challenge, I was inspired by my kids. During their week off from school for winter break, much of their time was spent at home, inside due to rainy weather. With this, out came the board games. Monopoly, Life, Clue, and… Continue Reading “The COLOR DASH Fitness Board Game”

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