Hi! I’m Justin Cahill, a husband, father and physical education teacher passionate about keeping kids moving throughout the day.

For the last 24 years, I have taught physical education in both public and private schools. My teaching career began in Washington, DC before moving to Atlanta, Georgia to teach at Trinity School. I am happily married and have three beautiful children who are constantly KEEPING ME IN MOTION!


In a device-driven world, there is a real struggle to keep our kids moving or even get them outside. 

We all need to move. It’s what we were meant to do. Whether it’s brain breaks during the school day, walking during our lunch breaks, or playing kickball with our families. Exercise is proven to pump more oxygen to the brain, reduce stress and anxiety and boost self-esteem and concentration. Sounds great for everyone don’t you think?


  1. Lifelong fitness for kids and families is imperative.
  2. Parents can make a positive difference in their children’s health.
  3. Teachers can have an impact on their students by developing creative lessons and understanding the various learning styles of their students.
  4. Information is critical in understanding the latest health and fitness trends that affect our children and families.
  5. Devices are driving our children toward sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles.
  6. Recess is a right and NOT a privilege. 

Our goal at KEEPING KIDS IN MOTION is to help you…HERE’S HOW! 🙂

  1. Provide lesson plan ideas and resources for PE teachers
  2. Provide brain breaks for all teachers
  3. Provide Monthly Fitness Challenges for home
  4. Provide resources to help promote lifelong fitness
  5. Share our own experiences (what worked/what really failed) as parents

Our blogs are loaded with videos and lesson plan ideas to make every day a great, active day!

Join us in our sprint to

keep kids in motion while having fun!

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