CIRCLE HAND SOCCER – Game of the Week – perfect for limited space and equipment


Sometimes you just need a quick game with limited equipment that takes up a small amount of space. This happened to us recently when our gym was transformed into an art gallery and our playground was too wet. Enter CIRCLE HAND SOCCER. Some play a similar game with a variety of names but this is our version.


  • One ball per group. I like to use a foam soccer ball. It’s safe to strike and it tends to stay grounded. If a ball is too light, it will often become airborne, exiting the circle without going through the “tunnels.”</li>

Set up:

  • Create groups of 10-12 students
  • Students hold hands to make a circle. When holding hands, students slowly walk backward until their arms are extended and straight.
  • Students drop their hands and open their legs until their feet are touching their neighbors. Each “tunnel” should be about the same size. The circle may need to be reset several times during a match.

How to play:

  • One student begins with the ball for the kickoff.
  • The ball can only be struck with an open hand.
  • Players attempt to strike the ball between other players’ legs. A goal cannot be scored on the player to the immediate left or right of the shooter until there are only four players remaining.
  • If the ball travels between a player’s legs (a goal), that player then turns around and must play backwards.
  • If a ball is struck between that same player’s legs a second time, that same player is out.
  • Each time a player is out, students must reset the circle since it will now be smaller.
  • The game continues until there are only two players left. These two players are the winner of the round.
  • Any player that is out, stands outside the circle to cheer and retrieve balls that exit the circle.

I begin playing this game with 4th-grade students. I’ve played it with middle school and high school students with equal amounts of excitement.

If you need a quick game with limited space and equipment, then Circle Hand Ball might be the perfect “back pocket” game for you and your students.

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