HOLIDAY BUNDLE – 3 Pack of challenges for kids to do throughout the HOLIDAY SEASON!

Holiday Bundle 3-Pack includes three cool activities for school and home.
  • FiT WiTH LiT BINGO – Students alternate between reading and exercise challenges throughout the holiday season. FiT WiTH LiT includes the challenge,  a blank template to create your BINGO card and a participation certificate.

  • 30 Random Acts of Family, Fitness, and Fun – Based on RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS, this challenge offers acts of kindness, fitness challenges, and fun activities for kids to perform throughout the season. It includes a participation certificate for anyone who takes the challenge.

  • PLAY IT UP FOR THE HOLIDAYS – Encouraging kids to get off the screen, this challenge offers over 30 ways for kids to play both indoors and outdoors over the holiday. Play it Up also includes a blank template to create your own PLAY IT UP game and a participation certificate.

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