The GREAT TURKEY ESCAPE! – Game of the Week


This week’s game of the week is a Thanksgiving game called The Great Turkey Escape.

The Great Turkey Escape is set on a turkey farm just days from Thanksgiving. It’s business as usually until the farmers hear a raucous coming from the barn. As they quickly approach the barn they soon realize the turkeys have managed to break open their cage. Turkeys are running all over the place and the farmers only have a short time to wrangle them up. Can they save Thanksgiving?


Create the farm’s boundaries by setting up a large rectangle of cones. This area should be big enough for your students to safely run while paying tag. In the center of the farm, set up a smaller rectangle of cones. This area is the turkey cage.

How to play:

  • Select 2 farmers who stand near the perimeter of the farm to begin
  • The rest of the students are turkeys who begin inside the cage
  • The round begins when the teacher says, “Flap your wings turkey. Oh no, the turkeys are escaping!”
  • At this point the farmers are in complete recovery mode trying to capture the turkeys by tagging them with a noodle. Any tagged turkey goes back into the cage where it flaps its wings until the next round.
  • How many turkeys can the farmers capture before time expires?
  • Each round is only 45 seconds

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