I recently posted a Game of the Week called Hula Hoop Twisting – 3 Engaging Activities. One of the activities included using the hoop as a fitness timer. Spin the hoop and complete as many repetitions of a specific exercise before the hoop stops.

This week, as a warm-up, I spread out a bunch of hoops before the students arrived. As they entered, they read the instant activity on the screen.

“Practice spinning the hoop. Count by 2’s as the hoop is spinning. How high can you count before the hoop stops? Repeat and count by 5’s.”

After several repetitions, I presented the challenge of the day called, BEAT THE SPINNING HOOP. We played several rounds where they were given an exercise and a target number. On my command, students would spin their hoops and attempt to reach the target number of the selected exercise.

Round 1: Jumping Jacks, Target: 12

Round 2: Sit-Ups, Target: 7

Round 3: Side Jumps, Target: 23

Round 4: Burpees, Target: 5

We completed each round twice. The students were highly motivated when presented with a target goal. Due to the widely positive response, I felt it necessary to share the activity with you. I hope you can use it.

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