WACKA-WACKA-WACKA! – The Ultimate Team Building Challenge – Game of the Week


Wacka-Wacka-Wacka is one of my absolute favorite team building challenges for students of all ages. It’s the perfect combination of cooperation, communication, patience, and fitness.

Set up:
  • Create groups of 4 students
  • Place stacks of six hula hoops around the perimeter of the gym (one stack per group)
  • Spread out a bunch of cones throughout the space
How to play:
  • Groups cooperatively work to build a sphere (pac man) with the six hula hoops
  • Once a sphere is built, they lift it up and attempt to transport it to a cone (ghost)
  • Groups slowly lower pac man onto a cone
  • If successful and the sphere remains intact, one person in the group chooses an exercise. Each group member completes five repetitions of the chosen exercise.
  • After five repetitions are completed, the students earn the ghost.
  • Once again they lift up pac man, and transport it to another ghost. Groups must figure out how to transport pac man while holding onto each ghost they earned.
  • If a sphere falls apart, it must be rebuilt immediately
  • How many ghosts can pac man consume throughout the round?

I have also placed exercises written on paper under each of the cones. This ensures students are working on a variety of movements.

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One Comment on “WACKA-WACKA-WACKA! – The Ultimate Team Building Challenge – Game of the Week

  1. This post is fantastic as it provides a fun and engaging team building challenge that can be used for students of all ages. The game of Wacka-Wacka-Wacka is a perfect combination of physical activity and cooperation, allowing students to build their communication and teamwork skills while also getting a good workout.

    The set-up and instructions provided are clear and concise, making it easy for anyone to set up and facilitate the game. I particularly appreciate the variation of having different exercises written on paper under each of the cones, ensuring that students are working on a variety of movements.

    The idea of building a sphere (pac man) with hula hoops and transporting it to different cones (ghosts) is a unique and creative way to challenge students while also incorporating fun elements from the classic Pac-Man game. The rule of having to rebuild the sphere immediately if it falls apart adds an extra layer of difficulty and encourages teams to work together to ensure the sphere remains intact.

    Overall, this team building challenge seems like a great way to promote teamwork, communication, and physical activity among students. I’m sure that it will be a hit with students of all ages and will help to create a fun and positive learning environment.

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