4-TEAM PADDLE HOCKEY (also played as regular soccer) – GAME OF THE WEEK


I usually play this game outside during our soccer skills unit. I create a large square using cones on the field that serves as the boundary.  On each side of the square, I place a Pugg soccer goal. Each of the four teams lines up behind their goal, along their sideline. As you watch the video below substitute the gator ball and paddles with a soccer ball. It’s the same game with a different skill set.

Watch how 4-sided soccer can easily be played in a smaller space with paddles. In the video, I first describe the setup. Then you can see the game in action.

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2 Comments on “4-TEAM PADDLE HOCKEY (also played as regular soccer) – GAME OF THE WEEK

  1. Justin, have you done this with grades 4 and 5. Do you always play without goalies, or do you allow each group to decide?

    • jcahill – I have been teaching physical education for 23 years. I began my career teaching in Washington, DC before moving to Atlanta, Georgia to teach at Trinity School. I have a passion for keeping kids healthy and moving during each PE lesson, and throughout their lives. I’m a firm believer that recess is a right and NOT a privilege. Please check out and join my Facebook group called Keeping Kids in Motion. I am happily married and have three beautiful children who are constantly KEEPING ME IN MOTION!

      Hey Teri. I have played it with my 4th and 5th grades. However, in a much bigger space. They really enjoyed the soccer version. We discuss strategy and I let them decide whether or not to have a goalie.

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