Kangaroo Fitness Factory is one of the most action-packed tag games we play. It’s one of those special games where the kids are having so much fun they don’t even realize they’re exercising. I like to play this game as an instant activity. As the students enter the gym, I hand them a noodle and call out, “Welcome to Australia! It’s time to enter the Kangaroo Fitness Factory. Green kangaroos are it.”  Students immediately put the noodle between their feet and begin jumping. Anyone with a green noodle is a tagger, while everyone else attempts to jump away. When tagged by a green kangaroo, the student performs either ten mountain climbers, ten jumping jacks, or ten repetitions of any other exercise using the noodle. Exercises are performed in a coned-off area on the sideline called THE KANGAROO FITNESS FACTORY.  This is where the tagged kangaroo goes to gain strength to outjump the taggers. After one minute, I call out a different color kangaroo to be the next tagger.

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