For several years I’ve used coffee cans, metal vegetable cans from the cafeteria, milk crates, and laundry baskets to play a game called “The Race to 3, THE SPORTSMANSHIP GAME.” The premise of the game is simple. Two students shake hands or give knuckles to begin. Then they each attempt to be the first to bounce a ball into a can, crate, or basket three times. After each match, they look each other in the eyes, shake hands, and say, “good game.” Then off they go to find another competitor. A second version of the game, as seen below, includes a victory lap after each win.

THE RACE TO 3 – The Sportsmanship Game

The Race to 3 led to other bounce games including BOUNCE MOUNTAIN – The Race to the Top. I love using this game as a station in my classes. The first video below gives you a look at my setup along with a complete explanation of the game. The second video shows the game in action with a First-Grade PE class.

BOUNCE MOUNTAIN – The Race to The Top

Like any game, you can adapt it so that it works best for you and your students. Maybe you have other receptacles or different types of balls that are more conducive. You may visualize a setup that better suits your gym. Perhaps making it more cooperative rather than competitive ties in better to your curriculum. There’s never just one way to play a game. This is one of the reasons social media and blogs are such a wonderful tool for teachers. You can discover a game or an activity , then make it your own.

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