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The trusty JUMP ROPE once again grabs the spotlight for February’s Flourish with Fitness Challenge. For the Love of Exercise is designed to increase awareness of all the benefits from jumping rope. Jump rope is one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises. Along with benefits to the heart, jump rope also enhances coordination, agility, and strengthens bones, arms, legs, and core.

Click FOR THE LOVE OF EXERCISE for access to the challenge.

For the Love of Exercise also offers other exercises to help enhance full body fitness. Throughout the month, participants will be challenged with exercises including plank, squats, and burpees, where the degree of difficulty gradually increases week by week.

The workouts posted each day can be adapted to fit the fitness level of each participant. Students may need to perform fewer repetitions on a given day due to fatigue or if they’re physically not ready. Some students may need to add more time and repetitions than the ones posted on any given day to level up.

This workout is an excellent opportunity for jump rope beginners to strengthen their jump rope ability. I encourage beginner jumpers to persevere. If you put in a little work each day, your ability will increase steadily. For the advanced jumpers, you are encouraged to push yourselves and even try the more difficult challenges demonstrated in the video below.

I like to give each student who returns a fitness challenge a certificate of participation.

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CHECK THIS OUT! Below is a Blowing off S.T.E.A.M project I created for my students. Here, they are challenged to use available household materials to create their own jump rope.

(Click Blowing Off STEAM in PE  for an editable copy of the challenge!)

Click For the Love of Exercise for access to the challenge.

Click CERTIFICATE for access to the FOR the LOVE of EXERCISE participation certificate.

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