The Rope Jump Plankapalooza challenge is all about jumping and building core strength. This daily exercise routine consists of two parts. This challenge can be completed as a monthly challenge or any time!

Click on the pictures or here for a copy of THE JUMP ROPE PLANKAPALOOZA.

Part One – JUMPING

  • Choose to complete either jumping jacks, jump rope, or imaginary jump rope. Each one of these exercises is an awesome way to increase your heart rate.
  • Choose Level 1 or Level 2. Each level consistently increases in repetitions each day. Notice that Level 2 is more challenging than Level 1. Feel free to switch levels at any point based on your personal ability. Remember, if you find that you are barely breaking a sweat, increase the repetitions at your own rate each day.
  • Complete the number of repetitions on the calendar each day. For example, on Day 1, you will complete 25 jumping jacks/rope turns for level 1 or 75 jumping jacks/rope turns for level 2. If you miss a day, simply pick up where you left off.


  • Hold a plank pose for as long as you can each day. You can choose either a traditional low plank or a high plank.
  • Try to increase your maximum time each day. Throughout the month your core strength will increase as long as you put in the work and push yourself!
  • Log your time. Each day you complete the plank challenge, be sure to add your time to the activity log so you can track your progress.
  • Check the circle on the activity log each day you complete the exercises.

I give my students an opportunity to turn in their challenges at the end of the month. I post their logs on a bulletin board and give them a completion certificate.

Click PLANKAPALOOZA for a copy of the challenge.

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