Recently, I was inspired by my kids. Watching them gave me one of those sudden “ah ha” moments. It was during their week off from school last winter break. Much of their time was spent at home, inside due to rainy weather. With this, out came the board games. Monopoly, Life, Clue, and Qwirkle were just a few games enjoyed throughout the week. My kids were 14, 15, and 17 years old at the time. I was impressed that they still enjoyed playing board games as much as they did when they were 8, 9, and 11. Board games are accessible and user-friendly, plus, most of them list the ideal playing age from 4-89. Therefore, I knew what I needed to do. I would tap into the excitement and develop my own. I began my quest to create challenging board games combining skill, fitness, and of course a little luck! Below are four of my favorites. Each became essential tools for our online classes and asynchronous lessons. However, they can be played any time, anywhere. They can also be used in the classroom for indoor recess or brain breaks.


Objective: Players DASH around the board collecting as many points as possible by completing exercises.

Game Play: To begin, each player rolls the die. The player with the higher number goes first. Place game pieces on the square marked “START/FINISH.” Roll the die to establish how many spaces to move in a clockwise direction. Complete the action assigned to the square in order to earn its point value. Use the key located in the center of the board to determine the square’s action and point value. Players alternate turns. Play continues until both players land directly on or pass by the square marked “START/FINISH.” The player with the most accumulated points wins the game. This is not necessarily the player who finishes first. Be sure to congratulate each other on working hard and having fun completing The COLOR DASH!

Alternative Version: Set a timer for a predetermined amount of time. For example, you may want to either play until you finish the board or stop the game after 5 minutes (or whatever time you set).


Click COLOR DASH for a access to the game.

Click 4-Game Bundle for access to all four games.

SIX in a ROW!

Objective: Players attempt to be the first person to cover six squares in a row or diagonally.

To begin:  Each player rolls the dice. The player with the highest number goes first. Play continues clockwise.

Game Play: Roll the dice one at a time. The first die represents the column (up and down) and the second die represents the row (left to right). Therefore, if your first roll is a six and your second roll is a four, you would go down six then over four to find the correct square. Roll again if a square is already covered with a game chip.

  • Landing on a color: When you land on a color, do the assigned exercise, before placing a game chip over the color.
  • Landing on a challenge icon: There are four different challenge icons on each board. Landing on a challenge icon means a player can only earn the square if she defeats the player to her left while performing the icon’s assigned challenge. Only the player who wins the challenge places game chip over the square.

The first player to cover six squares in a row or diagonally wins the game.

Click SIX IN.A ROW for access to the game.

Click 4-Game Bundle for access to all four games.

Equipment: 100 Scrabble tiles (If you have a Scrabble game, feel free to use the tiles), 1 scorecard and pencil per player, 1 cup per player, 1 timer

 To Begin: Spread out the Scrabble tiles face down on one side of a room. Each player places a scorecard and a cup on the floor at the opposite side of the room. Game can be played outdoors as well.

Game Play: There are six exercises listed below. After completing the first exercise, pick one Scrabble tile and add it to your cup. Repeat for each exercise. Try to acquire as many tiles as possible in two minutes. You will most likely complete the list of exercises multiple times. When time expires, it’s time to empty your cup to spell as many words as possible in three minutes. Write each word on your scorecard. Calculate the score for each word by adding the point value of each letter used. After recording a word on your scorecard, letters can be used again to spell a different word. Work with a partner or alone! Either way, you’re sure to have fun!

After completing each exercise, pick one Scrabble tile and add it to your cup.

5 Jumping Jacks

5 Squats

10 Side Jumps

5 Knee Push-ups or Traditional Push-ups

5 Burpees

10 Plank Shoulder Touches

Click SCRABBLE RUSH for access to the game.

Click 4-Game Bundle for access to all four games.


To turn over all the cards as quickly as possible while completing addition or subtraction facts and exercises. Click on the QR codes for instructions and demonstration.


Click DOUBLE TROUBLE SOLITAIRE for access to the game.

Click 4-Game Bundle for access to all four games.

There you have it! Four board games combining fitness, skill, and a little luck.


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