Double Trouble Solitaire – Clear the cards by adding and subtracting! Un oh! Watch out for DOUBLE TROUBLE!


Double Trouble Solitaire is the latest Keeping Kids In Motion game. It combines addition and subtraction with exercise and fun! All you need is a standard deck of playing cards, a stopwatch, and the Double Trouble Solitaire exercise key. Both children and parents will have a blast trying to beat their own personal and group records as they attempt to turn over all the playing cards by answering basic addition or subtraction facts

My record is 42 seconds? Can you beat it?

For a video of the official rules and to see it in action scan the QR code below!

No QR code scanner? No problem! Click the link below for the official rules of Double Trouble Solitaire and the Double Solitaire exercise key.

Click Double Trouble Solitaire for a PDF of the official game rules and exercise key.

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