SCRABBLE RUSH – It’s Scrabble, with a “RUSH” of EXERCISE!


Did you play Scrabble as a child? Maybe you still play as an adult. I still enjoy it for multiple reasons.

  • Game time means family time
  • Keeps our minds sharp
  • Increases our vocabulary
  • Enhances our strategic thinking
  • It’s fun!

Scrabble Rush is fun for all the above reasons and MORE! Simply stated, it’s a turbocharged version of the original game.

Scrabble Rush incorporates fitness, vocabulary, math skills, and fun!

Here’s how to play!

Scrabble Tiles are included. Students can work on fine motor skills by cutting out each one. If you already have a Scrabble game, use the real tiles.

Equipment: 100 Scrabble tiles (If you have a Scrabble game, feel free to use the tiles), 1 scorecard and pencil per player, 1 cup per player, 1 timer

 To Begin: Spread out the Scrabble tiles face down on one side of a room. Each player places a scorecard and a cup on the floor on the opposite side of the room. The game can be played outdoors as well.

Game Play: There are six exercises listed below. After completing the first exercise, pick one Scrabble tile and add it to your cup. Repeat for each exercise. Try to acquire as many tiles as possible in two minutes. You will most likely complete the list of exercises multiple times. When time expires, it’s time to empty your cup to spell as many words as possible in three minutes. Write each word on your scorecard. Calculate the score for each word by adding the point value of each letter used. After recording a word on your scorecard, letters can be used again to spell a different word. Work with a partner or alone! Either way, you’re sure to have fun!

After completing each exercise, pick one Scrabble tile and add it to your cup.

  1.   5 Jumping Jacks
  2.   5 Squats
  3.   10 Side Jumps
  4.   5 Knee Push-ups or Traditional Push-ups
  5.   5 Burpees
  6.   10 Plank Shoulder Touches

Click SCRABBLE RUSH  for a copy of the SCRABBLE RUSH instructions, tiles, and scorecards!

The history of the board game, Scrabble.

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Butts, Alfred. Scrabble: Hasbro, 2014. Board Game

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