Design a Backyard Obstacle Course Using Prepositions


PrepositionA word governing, and usually preceding, a noun or pronoun and expressing a relation to another word or element in the clause. (1)

Design Challenge: An open-ended project that encourages students to ask questions, take initiative, and think creatively. (2)

This design challenge is the perfect way for students to utilize their creativity while enhancing physical fitness.

Design Challenge Goals:

  • Reinforce teamwork and communication skills among family members
  • Provide a creative outlet for students
  • Enhance student understanding of prepositions
  • Incorporate a full-body workout
  • Provide an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and have fun!

Writing Extension – After designing their course and practicing it several times, students can write out the step by step progression using the prepositions and descriptive words.

Click Design a Backyard Obstacle Course Using Prepositions for a copy of the challenge.

(1) “Preposition | Definition of Preposition in English by Oxford Dictionaries.” Oxford Dictionaries | English, Oxford Dictionaries

(2) Design Challenge –

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