Month: April 2019

STAR WARS – Jedi Master Fitness Challenge

It’s time to take the JEDI Fitness Challenge called MAY the Force Be With You! Follow Yoda as he encourages students, teachers, and parents to strive to become a JEDI Master. The training consists of two different workouts, each guaranteed to help build the strength, endurance,… Continue Reading “STAR WARS – Jedi Master Fitness Challenge”

REGARDING BOREDOM: Yesterday versus Today. We all need a “GO-TO.”

“I’m bored.” “Then go be bored.” my mom would reply. “I’m bored.” “Well hello, Bored. I’m Edward. Nice to meet you,” my dad would say, before turning around to continue whatever he was doing. My wife recalls her mom giving her a list of… Continue Reading “REGARDING BOREDOM: Yesterday versus Today. We all need a “GO-TO.””

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