Month: December 2017

ROLL in the NEW YEAR! – January Fitness Challenge

For January, it’s time to get back to some basic movements using a pair of dice. The Roll in the New Year fitness challenge consists of exercises ranging from strengthening the upper and lower body to increasing aerobic endurance. Each day, roll two dice and add… Continue Reading “ROLL in the NEW YEAR! – January Fitness Challenge”

10 Simple Holiday Games for PE

Snowman Down My students love this game! I’ve played this with a class of 20 students and with larger groups of about 40. For my class of 20 students, I spread out 15 hula hoops around the gym with a bowling pin in each… Continue Reading “10 Simple Holiday Games for PE”

Are you making “Kudos Calls” to Parents?

  I have an extremely rewarding goal this year as an educator. It’s gratifying for me, my students, and my students’ parents. The goal is simple. Make a minimum of five “kudos calls” per week. A kudos call is a phone call to parents… Continue Reading “Are you making “Kudos Calls” to Parents?”

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