Month: January 2017

February’s Nutritious Breakfast Challenge

Students and families have enjoyed each of the first five monthly fitness challenges I’ve presented to them this year.  However, for February, I’m offering a nutrition challenge instead of a fitness challenge.  This idea came to me as I overheard a group of 5th grade students discussing…

Tag Games with Hoops and Noodles

Tag.  I fondly remember playing tag games as a child in my neighborhood.  Little did I know at the time, the benefits of such games were countless.  Specifically, I recall playing a tag game called TV Tag.  The rules were simple.  As a tagger…

Is there Puppy Guarding?

The year was 1995, my first year teaching.  I was at Hyde Elementary School in Washington, DC.  While on recess duty, monitoring a game of Capture the Flag, I noticed a fifth grader approaching me with a full head of steam, taking very heavy steps…

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