January’s High Intensity Fitness Challenge


For the month of January, students will have a choice of four high intensity interval workouts.  Each workout can be adapted to fit the level of each student.  *Some students may be inclined to go through a chosen workout more than once while others may need to do partial workouts or lower the intensity.  This is the first challenge where students will use a stopwatch or a clock to time their workout.  Parents are encouraged to help and even participate.

Students write down their specific workout on their workout calendar each day.  At the end of the month, they will turn in their calendars to receive an award.

*Many students will find it difficult to complete an entire workout.  If this is the case, their goal is to improve throughout the month.  Students should give themselves credit for completing a workout as long as they give their maximum effort.  I explain this to the students each month and also notify the parents.

Click Januarys-high-intensity-fitness-challenge for a copy of the challenge.

Stay health, stay active, and stay fit over the holiday!

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