Month: October 2016

November’s Alphabet Fitness Challenge

For the month of November, I’m mixing up the Take Home Fitness Challenge.  During the months of September and October, students were presented with five exercises and the challenge to complete the workout as many days as possible throughout the month.  Upon completing the exercises each day,…

The EXOTIC FRUIT AND VEGGIE CHALLENGE! Your Students and Parents Will LOVE It!

Discovering creative ways to keep students motivated for fitness is paramount for a physical education teacher.  Mixing up routines throughout the year with a variety of movement challenges and activities to boost students’ strength, endurance, and healthy habits is a must. This year, to complement…

Scooter Fitness – 11 Exercises Using Scooter Boards

Scooter boards have been around forever.  I was recently discussing with my students how the original scooters were made from wood with casters similar to the ones we use today, only much smaller.   My PE teacher would wheel out several scooter racks, each consisting…

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