Month: September 2016

Fall Family Fitness Challenge

  Click fall-family-fitness-challenge-and-calendar for the official October challenge and calendar. Below are the 5 video descriptions for  Fall Family Fitness Challenge exercises. 1st and 2nd grade – complete at least ONE round. 3rd-6th grade – complete at least TWO rounds 30 High Knees    … Continue Reading “Fall Family Fitness Challenge”

11 Hula Hoop Activities You May NOT Know About

The history of Hula Hooping dates back to 500 BCE where Egyptian children played with hoops made out of dried grapevines, rolling them with sticks or whirling them around their waist. The ancient Greeks even used hoops to exercise.  Today, hula hoops are still… Continue Reading “11 Hula Hoop Activities You May NOT Know About”

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